Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 10:43:48

Building American Character

This week in Sunday school, we talked about how character is passed down from parents to children through stories, experiences and practice. Every family has different stories — the life narratives that describe what they have lived through, where they came from, and how they acted and reacted. These stories and experiences provide a foundation, an understanding of what the family values. This creates their underlying belief system. This understanding then underpins how we act in our daily lives.

In my family, it’s my mother’s story of completing college in three years, taking extra classes and studying during the summer, so her sister could go to college, too. We’re a family that values education.

It’s my father’s story of losing twice when running for Congress, but running again a third time — and winning. We’re a family that values persistence.

It’s my husband’s grandfather’s story of helping start the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. We value civic involvement.