Thursday, August 4th, 2011 12:03:34

Changing Tides

It’s the last few weeks of summer. For those of us with children in school, this is our last chance to get away before becoming engulfed in school schedules, homework, activities and carpool. For children, it is their last chance to be carefree, sleep in and play with friends.
For our family, the destination of choice for end-of-summer outings is most often the beach in Georgia. For us, the beach represents purely summer fun, since it’s a five-hour drive from our home in Atlanta, and we rarely visit it during the school year.

For me, the beach is about more than getting away, it is also about going back to basics. Long walks on the beach provide an opportunity for reflective thought, as the sound of the waves fills my ears and water laps at my feet. Instead of listening to songs from iTunes, I listen to the waves. They remind me that, whatever my trials and tribulations at a particular moment, they too shall pass — to be replaced by something else — as the rhythm of life continues.