Thursday, November 17th, 2011 12:17:39

Midterm Life Report

“What is the meaning of life?” my middle school daughter asked me recently as we were lying on her bed one evening. After a few minutes of contemplation, knowing that the answer was not about acquisition of money, fame or power, and that material items might provide ease in life, but not meaning, I responded that it is “to experience and then to allow God’s Grace to shine through you to others.”

It seemed to satisfy her at the time, but has left me a bit uneasy and questioning. This, combined with my 45th birthday this week has left me more than a bit introspective. At 45, it’s official: I can no longer call myself “young.” I’m not yet old. I fall begrudgingly into what is termed middle age. There has been no defining moment in my life since the birth of my second child. Instead, one day slips into the next.