Thursday, May 5th, 2011 11:20:39

My Miracle Mom

I am blessed to have a mom who is special.

She is a woman of will. More than simply headstrong and determined, she is indomitable — someone who cannot become overcome or subdued.

Spunky, determined, funny — all these words describe Jackie Battley Gingrich. Her sparkling blue eyes, upturned mouth and constant activity belie her age. She is helpful, involved and active.

She has shaped me in many ways. She watched my ballet and band performances for hours, and cheered me on when I was down. She is convinced that I can do anything, and I almost believe it.

Most importantly, she has provided an example to me through her belief in God and her faith in him. She credits prayer, as well as medicine, for saving her life. She has served as a deacon in her church and still volunteers there.