Thursday, October 21st, 2010 10:51:36

Nothing to Fear but More Government

This past weekend, in campaign events, President Obama used fear to talk about fear.

He wrapped up the campaign weekend Sunday night at a rally in Ohio, where he went Hollywood to make his point that special interest groups are “the Empire.” “The Empire is striking back,” Obama said. He then elevated the argument from Hollywood to hopes and fears, stating that this election is “a contest between our deepest hopes and our deepest fears.” While noting “the other side is playing on fear. That’s what they do.”

That’s what they do? Hold on — he just labeled the other side “The Empire.” This weekend, it was not enough for Obama to blame the other side. He said that the voters are also to blame, because they are scared. According to Obama, voters’ fear due to the current economic state is the reason that voters are not in favor of his administration’s policies.