Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 08:36:55

Reviews 11

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased our community was in having Jackie come to speak to our legislative prayer breakfast. The breakfast had been a small affair put together by a group of our local judges and their prayer group. To tell you the truth I personally didn’t even know there was such a breakfast.
This year the local Rotary and Kiwanis took a chance on turning this breakfast into a true community project. I agreed to chair this, I have to admit that by asking Jackie to speak I caused a small up a quiet but vocal uproar from the judges who thought I was trying to turn their prayer project into a political rally. I assured them that this was not the case.

On the day of the breakfast which was attended by about 175 community members about 5 x their usual group, Jackie through her presence and speech completely disarmed and charmed the original prayer group. She also pleased the crowd with her personal and touching comments. Her speech was inspiring and she now has insured that the prayer breakfast will continue and grow.

We would like to have Jackie come to our community again when the occasion arises to speak on the many other subjects she is qualified to expound upon. I personally appreciated meeting her and we are pleased to run her column in our paper.”