Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 12:06:30


We all finished the Marathon: Kathy, Cynthia, Phyllis, Jeanne and me. The course was hillier than we imagined – but we perservered and made it to the end.

Cynthia and I ran ahead at about 10k and got coffee and wedding cookies for our gorup – an early sugar and caffeine treat.

It was fun being passed by the top runners (since we walked we started earlier). Wow – they make running a 5:30 mile look easy.

There was one guy dressed as a trojan – helmet, skirt, shield and all. Rumour is it weighed 30 Kilos. – hate to say – but he passed us and finished before we did.

All in all and incredible experience. It really is a miracle – 5 years ago Kathy had problems getting out of bed – and now she finished a marathon. What a wonderful story.

May we all remember – that nothing lasts forever, but everything worthwhile takes hard work and effort.

Below is a picture of my sister, Kathy Lubbers after fnishing walking the marathon – we ended at the Olympic Stadium in Athens – how cool!